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Baerli a posted Jun 30, 13

MOVE is an alliance guild located on US-Icecrown, a PVE server. The guild was created in the last quarter of 2010, and used to focus on 10 man raiding. Now, in the lights of the upcoming expansion set we are re-inventing ourselves We will open the doors to more interested raiders, enjoy the ride of a more flexible roster, and see where the journey takes us. The main focus for WoD will be on heroic mode raiding.

Recruitment, is available for WoD raider spots for potential healers, and DPS classes only. Tanks will always be recruited from within, and are currently set for the long run. If you join our guild and fit in well, you will be an integral member of our raid and can expect to be present during the majority of progression. With that in mind, we expect routine, punctual attendance and preparedness from all our raiders.

Links  of interest:

Garrosh Kill Video

New shiny mounts

MoP Tier 16 Boss kills

Baerli a posted Sep 30, 13
BIG grats on killing Garrosh!!!

Paragons of the Klaxxi got pushed aside

Siegecrafter is down, 2 more to go

Thok is finally down, nice job everyone

Spoils got looted, nice job. No screenshot, nothing to see ...

Malkorok is out of breath

General Nazgrim was pushed aside

Took a bit more work, but those Kor'Kron Dark Shamans are finally down

Iron Juggernaut fell and opened us the gates into Ogrimmar

And Galakras bites the dust ...

Sha of Pride is down too, nicely done with 2 bosses in one night

Norushen's room is cleansed, nice job

One victory smoke later, and the dead bodies were gone, guess those pandaren didn't want to stick around any longer. Nice job everyone.

One down, plenty to go :)

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Grats on the kills guys, hope you all are doing well -Rorik
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Great job on Megaera
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